COVID-19 Info

To all our guests, who have nade a reservation of accommodation in our camp with arrival day from 17.08.2020. Wecan offer to shorten their booked stay free of charge by 48 hours in order to take the COVID-19 test upon return to their country, if the required by state authorities.

In order to make your stay with us even more enjoyable, we have prepared additional amenities for the 2020 season.

To avoid a long wait at the border, please report your information on the website

NEW 2020

Let your kids have great fun in our new children's playground by the beach. The new attractions will provide loads of fun and some of your kids' happiest holiday moments.

Renovation of our Pizzeria
Treat yourself to a selection of delicious dishes prepared and served at our Pizzeria!
Our renovated and expanded Pizzeria with an enriched menu and beautiful interiors, carefully chosen details and a cosy atmosphere will make this an ideal setting for your first morning coffee with freshly baked croissants, and during the day and evening, a place to hang out with your family and friends and enjoy all kinds of pizzas, now prepared in a bread oven, delicious pasta, homemade desserts, ice cream and our Valalta beer.

Renovation of sanitary facility no. 7 and newly renovated sanitary block number 18
The new modern sanitary blocks will provide top service to all camping lovers! The facilities are adapted for the elderly and people with disabilities and include the following elements:

  • washbasin rooms and toilets
  • shower cabins
  • family bathrooms
  • bathroom for the disabled
  • functional dishwashing zone
  • modern laundry area equipped with washers and dryers
  • space for chemical toilet

Bike path to Rovinj
At a destination dedicated to cycling, you will always find the right support for your exploratory experiences in our surroundings. So we've made sure that at any time you and your family can use your bike to get from our campsite to the town of Rovinj along a new bike path.

News 2020

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