Valalta d.o.o. respects your privacy and undertakes to protect your personal data.  We guarantee to our service users that we will treat all personal data as confidential.

Valalta d.o.o.  – personal data protection policy
Please, check our Privacy Policy periodically for possible changes.

- Name and surname
- Date of birth
- Address
- E-mail address
- Phone and/or fax number
- Other data you indicate that you want to remain confidential

- To provide the most effective response to your request
- To ensure the provision of requested services
- To promote our services
- For our internal statistical data processing
- For possible sending publications, brochures and other promotional materials

The purpose of using the collected data is to get in touch with you (in order to send you information via post, fax, electronic mail, telephone, etc.), in the event that we have to contact you quickly, or within our statistical data processing entry, but only for the purposes of our internal and market research needs.

PRIVACY POLICY PERIOD - In the moment you send your data to us, you agree to be contacted and enter our mailing list – the moment of entering constitutes your explicit agreement to be contacted. The privacy of your data is permanent and you can ask to be unsubscribed from our mailing list at any lime. After that, the data are no more used by Valalta d.o.o., except for internal purposes, e.g. for informatics or statistical data processing.

CONTENTS OF PRIVACY POLICY - We do not sell, share or disclose your e-mail address and or any other data to third legal or natural persons without your consent, because it is contrary to our Privacy Policy. Valalta d.o.o., holds to a very strict „no spam“ policy. We ask for your special permission if you want to contact us concerning special offers and actions. Valalta d.o.o., will not be responsible for accidental errors or errors due to a force majeure or other reasonable circumstances causing an accidental data protection breach, but we guarantee that the error will be corrected, if possible, as soon as possible. We collect only personal data delivered to us freely. We do not require from you to send us the data in order to enable you the access to our web pages and we do not ask you to disclose more data that really necessary in order to participate in an activity on our web pages.  We do not sell, transfer or disclose information collected from our web pages to anyone outside Valalta d.o.o., without your consent, except:

By filling out the form on our website you guarantee that the enclosed information are accurate and that you fully agree to our Privacy Policy and our terms and conditions contained in it.

DATA CONFIDENTIALITY - We want to express clearly that when visiting these web pages your personal data remain confidential, except if you want to disclose it freely. We shall not disclose the received data to third parties, except in cases mentioned in the foregoing paragraph.

WEB SERVER STATISTICS - Our web server uses the statistics software. These programmes are standard feature of all web servers and not only our web pages. Such statistics programmes don not collect personal data and enable us to adjust our web pages to be as simple and effective for our users establishing the data our users are the most or the least interested in, adjusting the web pages to individual web browsers, efficiency of structure and the number of visitors to our website.

USE OF COOKIES - In order to facilitate browsing of our web pages, our global web server uses cookies. Cookies are small text files placed by the server on user’s computer to keep track of the use of individual language versions of our websites as well as when accessing parts of web pages that require entering the user name and password. Cookies can be used for starting programmes or placing viruses on your computer. Cookies used by our web server are removed automatically from your computer at the end of session, i.e. the moment you leave our website. Viewing our website without the use of cookies is possible if your web browser is configured that way.

IP ADDRESSES - IP addresses are the numbers which are unique for each computer currently connected to the internet. They are used for identification of recipients' and senders' data via the internet. Our server records your PC's IP address during each transaction within the reservation system for the purposes of safe transfer and protection against misuse of your data. Users' personal data is not available outside the reservation system.

E-MAIL MESSAGES - When you send an e-mail with your personal data to us by which you can be identified, either by mail message with a question or a comment or by form sent to use by e-mail, we only use this information for fulfilling your requests.

DATA SAFETY - For data security on this address an in order to ensure the availability of this service to all users, this computer system uses the software that tracks visits to the website and recognizes unauthorized attempts to upload or change information and the ones that could be otherwise harmful. Unauthorized attempts to upload or change information on this site are strictly forbidden.

CONTROL - You can at any time request to see all personal data we received from you on one or our web addresses. At your request, we can update, correct or remove the data (if the data is kept in our databases) or stop using this data in the future. If you would like to exercise this right, please contact us.

LINKS - We do our best to ensure that all links from our website direct you and/or your child to other websites with quality content in the sense of not encouraging negativity. However, websites and web addresses change quickly and we can not always guarantee for the content of each website we direct you to.

CHANGES AND CESSATION OF TERMS OF USE – Valalta d.o.o. reserves the right to change or terminate any and all parts of this web location, as well as the terms of use, at any time. The changes come into force upon the relevant announcement at this address or when users have been informed about it. The terms of use are applicable until their cancellation by you or Valalta d.o.o.

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